What To Expect

Frequently Asked Questions

Visiting a church for the first time can both be exciting and nerve-racking. So, here’s a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help make your visit to Lifepoint a little bit easier.

If you’re planning to come to our service on Sunday mornings, Kids check-in opens at 9:45am and our service begins at 10:00am. We suggest arriving a bit earlier to find a parking space and walk to our building. Our Guest Services Team are ready to greet visitors from 9:30am onwards, so we would love for you to arrive early if you can.

Stop by our Coffee Stand in the lobby on your way in. We love treating first time guests to any drink of their choice. It’s just one way of saying welcome,  and we are so glad you chose to visit us this Sunday.

Here is a quick overview of how our service looks like:

01: Someone will come up front to say hi and talk about what is happening in the life of our church and pray.
03: The worship band will sing 2 or 3 songs to help us connect with God.
04: Someone will talk about something that matters to your life.
05: We’ll sing one last song and put connection cards and offerings in the offering plates.
06: After about 65 minutes, the service is over.

Our Pastors preach from the Bible. This means we open up the Bible before every talk, hear it read, and then hear the pastor explain it and apply it. You will hear about a wide variety of topics that are relevant to your life. Every so often we have a guest preacher who might give a talk outside of our regular preaching series.

Absolutely! Our Sunday Services are designed to cater to all age groups. We have many families attending Lifepoint Church. Each Sunday morning our Kids Church opens from 9:45am and runs for the duration of our 10am service. Unsure where to take your children when you arrive? Ask one of our Guest Services Team members (the one’s wearing a “I Can Help You” badge) – they’ll be able to point you in the right direction!

We also run a nursery for children three years old and under. This is open from 9:45 am onwards. We have trained volunteers looking after infants and toddlers each Sunday morning. You are welcome to leave your child with them (they’ll send you a text if your child does not settle), but you are also free to bring your child in the service.

There is no dress code here at Lifepoint. Most people dress casually and comfortably. Whether you dress up, down, or somewhere in between you will find other folks that are dressed the same.