Faith Promise @ Lifepoint

Thank you for your interest in learning more about Faith Promise @ Lifepoint!

What is a faith promise? Here at Lifepoint, faith promise is a promise made between you and God on what you’re committing to give to God through the church this year. It’s saying, God, I recognize that every blessing comes from you, so I am choosing to give back to you as an act of worship.

Here is a teaching on the practice of tithing that I taught during a generosity teaching series. You can watch it here to learn more. My hope as your pastor is that as followers of Jesus, giving becomes a part of the rhythm of our lives. God calls us to love Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love our neighbor as ourself. The giving of our tithes and offering is a tangible way of showing our love for God and our neighbors.

Here at Lifepoint, your faithful giving makes possible ministries like: worship services, programs for children and teens, lifegroups, congregational care, outreach events, community service, global missions work, and building and operational needs at Lifepoint. Your generous giving helps us accomplish our mission to make Christlike disciples in Kitsap County and around the world.

Join us in our mission. Make a faith promise to God through Lifepoint. What does this look like? If you give regularly, commit to continue your faithful tithing. Re-evaluate your giving, ask: has there been changes in my finances this year? Do I need to adjust my giving? Or make a commitment to take a first step towards tithing. Here at Lifepoint, we hope that all our members make giving a part of their act of worship. The church will not check whether you are following through with your commitment, like I said earlier, the commitment you are making is between you and God. We will however take your faith promise amounts and use it to plan more effectively for our ministries this year.

We are excited to have  people in our congregation who consider Lifepoint their church and  have already committed to giving regularly. If you are not a member but you consider Lifepoint your home church and you would like to join in making a financial commitment to God to support Lifepoint’s ministries, you too can make a faith promise.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Sherwin Rulloda

Lead Pastor