Dear Church Family,

We are encouraging everyone at Lifepoint to continue to mask up at all our indoor public gatherings. We recognize that this request will not be met with total agreement by our entire congregation, but we as a church have been here before. As Jerry Kester, our District Superintendent has repeatedly said during this pandemic, “we don’t have to see eye to eye to walk hand in hand.” Here at Lifepoint, we believe that this is temporary, and that we can do this again together to help keep the most vulnerable among us safe.

As Christ’s ambassadors, both to our community and to the world, let’s continue to be devoted to one another in love, honoring one another above ourselves, even if we do not agree. Above all, for the sake of those whose immune systems are compromised, let’s see to it that they can continue to attend our in person events without compromising their health. The good news is we still get to worship together in person as well as meet in groups without restrictions in number. If masking up is all it takes to keep that going, we encourage you to mask up. As always, if you ever forget your mask, we’ll have one free of charge for you at all our events.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Sherwin Rulloda
Lead Pastor